Thank you for this opportunity to present ourselves to you as your new Fort Myers Security ServiceWe hope to demonstrate to you how BLP services can make a difference in your perception of contract security providers.  At Blue Lightning Protection we are not just meeting the industry standard; we are committed to setting that standard! Fort Myers Security Service

~ Dedication –

Our motto is “Dedicated to Excellence”. We are dedicated to excellence in service, excellence in personnel, excellence in training, and excellence in appearance, and excellence in client satisfaction with our abilities.

~ Professionalism –

Blue Lightning is comprised of professional people from both the private and public sectors of the protection industry.  We are proud of that and promise to conduct ourselves as such; professionals!

~ Image –

We understand the importance of a positive public image.  This is not only representative of BLP, but of our clients as well.  We demonstrate this pride in being from our careful selection of our personnel, to the uniforms they wear and the technology they use, and even to the vehicles they drive.

Fort Myers Security Officers Despite our promise to meet your budget, Blue Lightning Protection is considered to be an elite level provider of specialized Fort Myers Security Service.  This is largely due to our unique attitude toward business.  For instance, our management team offers over 90 years of cumulative public and private service in the protection of your community.  All members share a common desire to serve our clients as well as our officers through proactive support and hands-on leadership, and accessibility.

Careful selection of qualified officers begins with a comprehensive background check.  You may rest assured that all BLP officers’ licenses are intact and they are free of disqualifying criminal charges.  Personnel selection continues by insuring a certain level of experience has already been attained.  Prior to employment with BLP, our officers are required to have met strict educational and work experience standards, to include; backgrounds in law enforcement, military special operations, or related protective services employment experience, advanced training and education.  Additionally, our patrol officers, supervisory and command staff are also all certified law enforcement officers, going beyond the minimum State requirement for security license. Fort Myers Security Patrol

BLP’s service Targeted Incentive Plan (TIP) allows our line personnel to help themselves provided they help our clients.  Most typical firms only offer rewards to sales people. We pay service integrity bonuses.  By officers adopting a client in their assigned district they may reap monetary benefits.  To do so they must insure proper maintenance of our client.  That means the services being given to the client are of high quality, contractually sound and discrepancies are immediately resolved.  So when our employees perform well for you, without additional cost to you we TIP them on your behalf. Everybody appreciates a good “tip” when it’s earned!

Did you know BLP even offers free service?  Our special methods of contracting and officer deployment allow is to mitigate security concerns on your property even after the shift has ended.  There is no additional reoccurring charge for the extra eyes on your property, and we only charge per incident.  When you call, please be sure to ask about our P.I.R.P.S. program to learn more.

Do you have your own in-house security staff?  Tired of paying overtime to cover vacations or the hassle of scheduling additional coverage for special events?  What about the added cost of supervision?  BLP can help you.  Contract our officers from our Site Protection Bureau to augment your current staff.

Fort Myers Security Service on Patrol Whether its covering a vacation or sick day, or just when you need extra boots on the ground in order successfully and safely staff a special event or holiday.  If supervision is your issue, our Patrol Units can be deployed to your property to supervisor your in-house or contract security personnel.  Being an impartial official visitor and representative of the client, we can make observations and recommendation regarding the staffs conduct, preparedness, execution of and fitness for duty.

Blue Lightning Protection appreciates this opportunity to prove what competent and professional security services can mean to you when looking for a Fort Myers Security Company Please do not hesitate to call on us should you have any questions.  We look forward to this opportunity so we may work together in order to build a stronger and safer community.



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